Beats By Dre – Gold edition

Beats by Dre review

Beats by Dr. Dre has quickly made its mark on the headphone market and is already considered by many to be one of the best things that ordinary people can buy. Read the Beats by Dre review here. Dre has managed to pair good sound with great design, which is often unsuccessful for others in the market. The only problem you probably also face – which headphones from Beats by Dr. Need to use? Read this Beats by Dre review and get the answer here.
Beats by Dr. Dre Solo

The solo version is known by many, and also by the headphones with the most bass and preferred by many. The sound in these headphones is by no means perfect. Although Solos packs a serious punch, the high end sound reproduction is less impressive and often lacks clarity, leaving you with a slightly muddy sound which is not good for pop music but good for hip hop.

While the sound quality is not always present, we have no complaints about the functional build quality. These headphones are ridiculously comfortable, with such a lovely grip that you often forget you wear them. They can easily fold together for travel, and pack a smart built-in microphone perfect for iPhone and iPod.

The sound quality may not quite justify the £ 1,600 price tag, but these headphones have as good an appearance as are well-built, which certainly places them in the high price range. Solos come in black, white as well as the more colorful variants.
Beats by Dr. Dre Pro

On-ear headphones are for wusses. If you’re born with the gold spoon and a wallet we others will die for, you have to look into Beats by Dre Pro headphones, which will wrap your ear in their chunky, metallic exterior.

These heavy headphones cost around DKK 2,500 and weigh as much as a small island. They are touted as studio-level headphones, but slam them on any audiophile and they will surely be disgusted – these massive headphones have an aggressive soundscape, with bass and the high notes.

They are not very comfortable and they will assault your ears with a wildness we have not experienced with other headphones. The bassy punch will knock your jaw off the joints as they push to new heights. Even the low volume will make your ears ring like alarm bells.

Hip-hop, rock and pop songs are pushed out effortlessly. If you enjoy these genre, you will struggle to find other headphones that give them so vicious a sound level. The sound will not be to everyone’s taste, so the advice will be to try them before you buy them.

It is also worth noting that the design is worth noting, and certainly put its mark in the price. If your goal is to show them off, they are an obvious choice. Find these and many other headphones here.

If you have a perfectly good relationship with your normal cellphone headphones, then you may want to check out iBeats and Diddybeats, which preserve my “big sound” in a smaller design. Now that you have found out which headphones are right for your needs, they are just a click away, go for Zalando and see their selection.