Bose 700

Throws a ‘sound bomb’ at Apple

BOSE: Will knock AirPods Pro with new noise-canceling headphones

Bose is best known for its conservative but effective range of over-ear headphones. They are expensive, delicious, sound good and are not least excellent for keeping out the sounds of the surroundings.

In recent years, however, the company has struggled to be the best at noise reduction. Sony in particular has bitten the company in the butt and even overtaken the latest and more modern model called the Bose 700.

However, the fighting spirit is not subdued, which Bose documented on Thursday by presenting an in-ear version of its large noise-reduced models called QuietComfort Earbuds.

The model costs 2199 kroner. Thus, we are on the same level as the AirPods Pro, which commits. Because if anyone knows how to reduce noise and deliver good sound in an in-ear model, it’s Apple. Even if Politiken’s reviewers think the opposite.

Sports model on the way
According to initial information from Bose, the QuietComfort Earbuds weighs 8.5 grams (per unit, ed.) And supports 11 levels of noise reduction.

The battery life is a total of 18 hours when you add the power of the batteries from the included case and the devices together. Bose also promises perfect call quality, which must depend on a test. Regardless of the brand, we have very bad experiences with the call quality from in-ear headphones.

Bose also launched a sports version today called Sport Earbuds, which has 15 hours of battery life but is not noise-reduced in the same way as QuietComfort.

The price is lower: 1599 kroner. Both models can be purchased from October 5th.