Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Delivers cool sound without noise
REVIEW: Bose has made the best bid of the year for an in-ear headphone that both reduces noise optimally and delivers a perfect music experience – only the physical size and lack of features can be a ‘deal breaker’

I have never seen it so big before.

The thought immediately struck me when the other day I opened the sales box with the charging case for QuietComfort Earbuds, which is Bose’s bid for an in-ear headphone – or at least almost in-ear – year 2020.

For the case is close to being huge and is certainly not pocket-friendly.

But now, as you know, it is not the size, but the make-up that ultimately separates good headphones from the bad ones. At least to a certain point. And this is proven by QuietComfort Earbuds, once you have set them up with the now quite good Bose app.


Sitting in the closet

For what sound and what noise reduction. I’m honestly impressed.

The two parameters may otherwise sound like opposites, but in a modern headphone like this with electronic noise reduction, they are deeply dependent on each other.

I have tested headphones where the noise reduction was more for decoration and hassle while the sound was definitely approved. And models with quite a nice noise reduction that the sound could not live up to.

Bose has effectively avoided that trap. Because in QuietComfort Earbuds, the noise reduction, which you can adjust the strength of via the app, is to that extent in the closet. And the soundscape is ditto at a very high level.

Not for everyone

I have tested the model on mobile phone (walking and cycling), computer (at work) and as TV sound (in physical position). In all situations it works well – except on a bicycle where the wind easily catches and ‘makes noise’ because the units sit out from the head. However, not as bad as I experienced it with B & O’s ditto.

The model is also really good at keeping power and despite the physical size of the devices sits nicely in the ears.

The latter, however, is not guaranteed by all users. Along the way, I let others try the model, and they – or closer to their ears – were more dismissive.

This can possibly be solved by changing the ear pads to one of the other sizes that come with the sales box. But it is again an important reminder that you need to both try and customize such expensive gadgets before making the purchase decision.


High on the list

If the model otherwise suits you, as already mentioned, a really good sound experience awaits. That is the most important thing for many.

But you must then be able to live without the ability to turn up and down the volume directly on the devices. (RECENT: Bose has released an update that now makes it possible)

And without the lack of access to easily connect to two devices, then the switch between, for example, a telephone and a computer as a sound source takes place smoothly.

It’s actually a saving I have a little hard time understanding when looking at how much you have to pay for QuietComfort Earbuds.

Despite the caveats, the model should be high on the list of those chasing bold sound without noise. Because in that area, a six star experience is delivered!