Galaxy Buds Live

These beans are a hit

Samsung has made a clear hit with its new in-ear headphones, but promises a little too much

I’m hard to impress. Especially when it comes to in-ear headphones, which I have at least once a month a new model of on the test bench.

So when Samsung launched Galaxy Buds Live the other day with the Galaxy Note 20 series, among other things, I allowed myself to be skeptical. For I have been cheated before by gadgets that on the surface look exciting but later disappoint badly.

Inspired by beans
A few weeks later, I have to turn the criticism against myself. For hold on – Samsung has made a real hit, simultaneously developing the design of in-ear headphones, which often end up looking like each other.

Here, one can certainly not accuse Galaxy Buds Live of imitating. The design goes in a whole new direction, which the product’s password – beans or beans – very well embraces.

Samsung’s design department has been ‘a walk in the garden’ and recreated the shape from just beans, which has ended with a real result.

Works best on Samsung phone
And the roses thus cover both the ergonomic experience and the sound quality. Both play perfectly together.

Once you learn – which is easy – how to put the headphones in your ears, they fit perfectly. That is, if you just take a moment to select the right size of earring, which will be included in more in the sales box.

The sound is on a par with what you get in the significantly more expensive AirPods Pro. I really like the sound in Galaxy Buds Live, which at the same time is easy to control and configure if you own a newer Samsung phone.

You can use Galaxy Buds Live with other Bluetooth devices, such as an iPhone or another Android mobile. But user experience is best on a Samsung phone.

Touch gives hassle
If I have to complain about anything, it is the promise from Samsung that the model delivers noise reduction. I and other reviewers must clearly report from here. Admittedly, there is a bit of noise reduction in Galaxy Buds Live, but we are nowhere near the quality that AirPods Pro, for example, delivers.

At the same time, I have not had the best experience with the touch functions, which are integrated on the outside of both devices. Adjusting one or both often triggers malfunction to stop the music.

The solution may be to turn off touch completely, which is possible on a Samsung phone. But this is of course unacceptable as one loses a significant opportunity to operate them.

Overall, however, my verdict on Galaxy Buds Live is that we are talking about a clear hit, which is a strong alternative to other headphones on the market and not least to the AirPods series. Bravo!