Kygo E7 / 1000 – Great sound and sleek minimal design

Kygo E7 / 1000

The Kygo E7 / 1000 are true wireless headphones from Norwegian DJ and the manufacturer’s line of headphones. This is the first pair to ditch cables entirely, and they’re designed with fitness fanatics in mind.

They offer a waterproof design and integrated controls, so you don’t have to reach for your phone to switch to that track that leads you to the area.

Priced at € 149.99 puts the E7 / 1000 earphones in the same price range as Jabra’s Jaybird Vista and Elite Active 65T, its next-generation wireless sports earbuds.

Kygo E7 / 1000 design – a sleek, minimal look helps them stand out

Like other headphones in the Kygo collection, there is a touch of Scandi in the look of these headphones. Choose from all-white or all-black models that offer the same sleek, minimalist design in order to make these buds stand out for the right reasons. And they will definitely stand out – they sit quite prominently inside the ears, especially if you go for the white option.

Each side comes with a collection of soft silicone earmuffs to keep them safe in the ear, and both the silicone and Comply foam earplugs offer different sound experiences. There are buttons built into the outside of both earbuds for volume up and down, skip songs, and answer and reject phone calls.

Fortunately, when it’s time to get moving, the multi-function buttons are easy to access. It takes one tap to adjust the volume or a single press to choose a more motivating song.

The only other saving feature of the E7 / 1000 is the small indicator lights, which are located very close to the microphones. Those lights will essentially tell you when the buttons have successfully paired with your phone; when they are in call mode; or they are charging properly inside the case.

Kygo E7 / 1000Speaking of which, you get what looks like a pillbox that you put your buds in. A charge indicator lets you know the remaining battery life. If you were expecting a pocket pants case, this is not the case, although it’s fair to say that we haven’t seen a charging case that looks like this yet.


Kygo talks about the degree of waterproofing here, with IPX7 certified headphones. This means that they can be submerged in water up to 1m deep. Accidentally drop your E7 / 1000 into a puddle during a race and they should survive. Swim with them in your ears, probably not that much. This rating means more that they will survive sweat and splashes of water.

In terms of comfort and stability, the E7 / 1000 definitely gets the job done. The ear cups are tight to ensure a firm fit, and neither the silicone nor foam tips were uncomfortable during runs and gym sessions. These headphones are designed for workouts and, in our experience, they measure up.

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Kygo E7 / 1000 Performance: good, but room for improvement

Beneath that matte exterior are 6mm drivers, with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to pair the E7 / 1000 with your Android and iPhone. We tested the earbuds with both, and aside from a few issues with a Pixel phone, they worked fine with an iPhone and a couple of other Android phones.

In terms of what to expect in terms of sound quality, we’d say the E7 / 1000s are pretty good, but there is certainly room for improvement. They show decent power and nice warm bass, but these headphones aren’t that impressive in the mid-range and high-end departments.

They can sound a bit confusing, especially at higher volumes. This is most evident in the voice, where that drop in clarity and detail really comes through. There is a complementary Kygo Sound smartphone app that offers the ability to select between different sound profiles, but unfortunately it is not compatible with these headphones at the moment.

Kygo E7 / 1000Compare the E7 / 1000 sound to a similarly priced pair of headphones like Jaybird Vistas or Jabra’s sports headphones, so you can definitely expect to get something more balanced and rewarding if you need really good sound quality to match a build. proper exercise.La cancelación activa de ruido y las funciones como HearThrough no aparecen en acción aquí. Si desea ahogar algo de ese ruido ambiental, las puntas de espuma Comply hacen un trabajo realmente admirable y, al mismo tiempo, le brindan la calidad de sonido más agradable. Sin embargo, como dijimos, de ninguna manera es genial.

Going from streaming music to making a call is a similar story. There is the promise of stereo calls, and if you take a lot of calls, you’ll be happy to know that the E7 / 1000 handles the task quite well.

The battery life lives up to Kygo’s claims. Fully charged, the E7 / 1000 will get you through six hours, an hour and a half less than the Jabra Elite Active 75T, but on par with Jaybird Vistas. The charging case provides an additional 18 hours. And if your buds are completely flat, then a couple of hours is all you need to get them back to full capacity. Unfortunately, there is no fast charging option here.

Should you buy the Kygo E7 / 1000?

Like a pair of wireless sports headphones, the Kygo E7 / 1000 offers a frontal design. They look good, are comfortable to wear, and feel like you can survive by sweating. Unfortunately, the decent design doesn’t match the audio front.

Looking for a pair of headphones that offer the same build and sound quality? Instead, consider the Jaybird or Jabra models.