OnePlus Earbuds

AirPods with huge discount

OnePlus has copied the best from Apple’s popular in-ear headphones and cut the price across

When OnePlus launches new phones, a wireless headphone has also been included in recent times.

Or an almost wireless as it was only at the launch the other day of the cheaper OnePlus Nord phone that the Chinese manufacturer also put a genuine wireless headphone on the program.

That means a cordless in-ear model between devices, and a design resembling an overgrown version of Apple’s 1st generation AirPods.

Markant discount
OnePlus is not alone when it comes to copying. Others have done so with an often mixed result. But in this case, one has done everything right.

Namely, to copy the best – good sound and nice comfort – partly from Apple’s AirPods and partly from Google’s ditto Buds.

For the price that gives a significant discount compared to AirPods, you thus get a really and stable good sound experience that can often be difficult to distinguish from the most expensive competitors.

Built for OnePlus
It struck me several times during our test that OnePlus has managed to make a set of headphones that on the audio side are similar to what you get out of a quite capable wiring model.

But then you do not get more either. The company has chosen the exclusive path, which also Samsung and Huawei sometimes choose. And not least Apple if AirPods can only be updated via an Apple device.

They have made it a condition that you own a OnePlus phone if you want to fully enjoy the headphones.

Here you have to be careful
It clearly drags down our rating as it makes it a hassle and perhaps impossible to update the headphones.

During our testing, OnePlus offered no app, only an interface built into the operating system of the OnePlus Nord we tested at the same time.

In other words, you need to think carefully if you want to buy OnePlus Buds for other Android phones or an iPhone. You can connect the headphone to, for example, an iPhone or an Apple TV, which I tried with good results. But you do not get the whole package, and that’s a shame.

Long battery life
OnePlus can still reconsider and launch an app. Until that happens, therefore, my warm recommendation of this affordable headphone will primarily target those who are considering buying or already own a newer OnePlus phone.

In addition to the sound quality, I love the long battery life – up to 30 hours – and the ability to quickly charge the devices.

As always, I would recommend you try the model first. And especially this model as the devices are on the big end. However, I had no problems with the model, which fits really well in the ears. Also during prolonged use.