Sennheiser Momentum Free

The wireless headphones give you excellent sound quality with the ability to enjoy the music for up to 6 hours. Especially the ultralight design increases the feeling of quality and you hardly notice them when they sit in the ears. They are also really good for keeping the sound inside so that your surroundings are not disturbed by the music.

The earplugs are tied together by a cable so you are protected against dropping them. These are therefore particularly suitable for running and training, as you do not have to be afraid of losing the headphones on the go. Furthermore, there is the nice feature that the earplugs are magnetic, so they can be clicked together and hung around the neck. At the same time, the plugs provide a natural passive noise reduction.

In addition to being excellent for music, the Sennheiser Momentum Free is ideal for communication. They can be connected to two devices at once, such as computer and telephone. You can easily receive calls while listening to music – without having to take the headphones out of your ear.

Selected specifications

  • Wireless in-ear headphones
  • Battery life up to 6 hours
  • Ultralight design – weight
  • Control of music selection, calls and volume by cable
  • Included: leather travel case, USB charging cable and different sizes of earpieces